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Phone call from Cairo

Phone call from Cairo
A movie that deals with a slice of revolution in Egypt


Documentary (5 min)
Year of production: 2012

Director: Yiotis Vrantzas
Producer: Katerina Bolmati
Cinematography & Editing: Yiotis Vrantzas
Music & Sound Design: Kostas Mitrogeorgos

Phone_Call_from_Cairo (0-03-31-10)

Fragments of life in Cairo one year before the rebellion, on one hand. On the other, reflections, speculations and a revelatory testimony by an Arab demonstrator, recorded through a telephone conversation that took place one year after the rebellion. A creative composition of these both. What did change, eventually? Why did all these happen and where did they all lead? A puzzle of images from the past that foreshadow the future. In Egypt or elsewhere…

Phone_Call_from_Cairo (0-03-40-24)

Festival history
19/07/2012 – Phnom Penh/Cambodia
“The Freedom of Memory”
(an event dedicated to the genocide in Cambodia 1975‐1979)
CologneOFF 2012- Cologne International Video Art Festival

17-25/8/2012 – Kansk/Russia
XI International Kansk Video Festival
CologneOFF 2012 – Cologne International Video Art Festival

26/8/2012 – California/Los Angeles
3rd Annual No Budget Film Festival
Runner-up for Innovation award & Critics’ Choice

21/9/2012 – Athens/Greece
18th Athens International Film Festival «Νύχτες Πρεμιέρας»
Greek Short Films Competition Section

26/9/2012 – Edinburgh/Scotland
“Take One Action”
Following the Winner of Best Film at Al Jazeera Film Festival “½ Revolution”

4 & 6/10/2012 – Bern/Switzerland
“Shnit International Short Film Festival”
Official Selection

18/10/2012 – Mexico
“Continental Drift ‐ Human Rights – Memory & Identity”
CologneOFF 2012 – Cologne International Video Art Festival

26/10/2012 – Prague/Czech
16th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival”
“Fascinations” Competition Section

11/11/2012 – Waterford/Ireland
Waterford film festival

16-18/11/2012 – Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
KLEX KL Experimental Film and Video Festival

16-20/11/2012 – Izmir/Turkey
13th Izmir Kisa Film Festivali
Participation at the Film Market

14/12/2012 – Thessaloniki/Greece
Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival 2012
Cinematic Achievement Award

26/01/2013 – Guwahati/India
CologneOFF 2013 India I- Cologne International Video Art Festival

09/02/2013 Cochin/ India
Script Film Festival
Social and Corporate Responsibility International Promotional Theatre

Official Selection for the International Composition of Tampere Film Festival (Finland)